State of Sound
Mind Body & Spirit
The Divine Triangle of Life

(Free Event! Only Pay for Camping)
Camping you need to Bring your Stuff but everything else is there. All Other Accommodation is get in the Car and GO.
333 Gets you in for 333 People only.

17-19 MAY 2019

Bullshoek Dam Clanwilliam

Cape Town South Africa





What is SAN-ITY?

What is this about ?

This is SAN-ITY!

Love, Peace, Respect, Freedom & Harmony. All Ages, Races, Beliefs, Genders & Species. One Tribe, One Love, One Conscience, One Vision & One Mission


The SAN-ITY Festival boast a variety of areas with different Music, Art, Entertainment, Workshops & Leisure Activities


How do I get Involved?

There are a few ways you can get Involved.
You can just join the Festival or Website
You can Participate as an Artist, Volunteer, Trader or Service Provider.
You can be a sponsor or venture Partner
Or you can be a Guardian Angel of the Arts & donate to the cause


A Sponsor is someone who would like to put Funding into SAN-ITY because they like the concept but wants something in Return.
This is what you can receive, for what you give!
Full Digital Media Coverage, Online Traffic, Brand Recognition & more. Ask and you will receive!
Everyone can be a Sponsor, not only in Financial terms. You can give funds. You can give voyager or airmiles to enable an international Artist. You can provide food, transport or accommodation or anything else you can think of.

Service Provider/Artist/Talent

You can provide a skill, service, ability or gift to SAN-ITY.
Register as a Trader, Artist or Service Provider on SAN-ITY.
As already mentioned, SAN-ITY is a Physical Platform as well as a Digital Platform.
The SAN-ITY website allows you to Sell, Trade, or Exchange your Products or Services, Physical or Digital by slotting in.
So, if you are an Artist for example, your Talent is Music. You can Physically Play at the festival, or you can play a set over digital media, which can be streamed live at the festival.
You can sell your cd’s, or music as downloads, through the digital marketplace. You can set your price for the service you want to provide.
There are only 3 rules.

You give back 11% to SAN-ITY

Your Price must be a magic number, such as 1, or 11 or 22

And it must be a win-win for everyone involved

Other than that, everything is possible. You can rent out your bicycle at the festival, or your tent, you can sell old clothes, give away old books, if you can’t afford a website, you can create an online shop on SAN-ITY. The only Limitation is your Mind. You can also become an ambassador for SAN-ITY and sell tickets and earn 11% in return.

Altruistic Being/Volunteer

An Altruistic being or Patron Saint is someone who want to contribute in any possible way they want without wanting anything in return.

As kindness is always rewarded in some way. You understand the laws of the universe. The more you give, the more you receive.

Create Your Experience

SAN-ITY is a modular cash-less Event. You are the Architect of your Experience
Pick & Choose what you feel like doing & use this website to Buy, Trade or Exchange your Experience.
Some Products & Services require early Bookings. Other services can be loaded at the Festival.
Who benefits? WE DO.

Open your Free Online Shop

You can pretty much sell anything on San-Ity. A complete e-commerce solution for those who need one. So when you are ready to set up shop. We are

Earn a Living

San-Ity is designed to help people, so just by being part of San-Ity you are already a beneficiary. If you would like to still earn an income, simply open a Reseller account and watch your earnings grow.

Get Accomodation


Sponsors/ Partners

These are our Sponsors & Partners, who make the SAN-ITY Festival possible. Many thanks goes to those awesome Benefactors

Acobot AI

Artificial Intelligence for your Website

Fab Geni

Digital Media Solutions

Baobab Ridge

Premium Private Game Reserve

Expo Connection

Get in Touch

If you need more info, please chat to our Artificial Intelligence (AI) & leave your questions & contact details. We will get back to you.


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