San-Ity The Concept

What is the Idea?


So What is the IDEA?

SAN-ITY is a Company, which you can join if you wish!
The Should Purpose of this Company is Make PROFIT & be Self Sustaining.
Profit = Income – Expenses
SAN-ITY creates an income through this Digital Platform,
by selling, sharing & monetizing Digital
& Physical Products and Services.
& Good Will
This Profit will be used to set up
The SAN-ITY Trust
The Purpose of the SAN-ITY trust is
to Purchase Land
(We don’t believe that Land should be owned as it belongs to all Sentient Beings on this Planet)
So, the Land Will be Shared


Our Land

Now that we all own LAND together, we will use our collective skills, knowledge & abilities. To use this land consciously & sustainably.
To create a Place, where we can all have an Abundant Future, a New Beginning & heal our PAST.
By creating Housing, Food & Love, for everyone who chooses to be in Harmony & Balance.
If you choose, to upset the Tribe, you will be asked to leave the Tribe as you choose not to be part of the GREATER GOOD for ALL
SAN-ITY has no space for EGO as this is Concept is BIGGER than YOU & ME.
It’s an attempt to connect what has been divided.
It’s an attempt to re balance the Scales.
It’s an Opportunity to redeem ourselves & do better.
If we can sustain this planet, instead of tearing it APART.


Dis-advantaged, Dis-enfranchised
& Dis-empowered Peoples.
Starting with the SAN
For the time being, we have chosen Gubi Tie Tie
& his family and Tribe


SAN-ITY the TRIBE is everyone,
who chooses to be Part of SAN-ITY.
Artists, DJ’s, Volunteers, Sponsors, Benefactors, Cats, Dogs
& Festival Go-ers


SAN-ITY the Company is responsible to sustain & provide with the Festival and the online presence